Are Californian's really different? If so, are individuals with unique qualities drawn here by some force or passion, or do they somehow transform after living within the borders of this diverse state? Most of us would say that both are true. And this California vibe may be revered or reviled by outsiders depending on who you ask. Our politics are often at odds with those residing in the rural midsection of the U.S. And some would say we carry ourselves with a certain entitlement posture when we venture outside our beloved State. But who could really blame us? We boast a coastline that beckons travelers from around the world; our universities are some of the most respected institutions of learning anywhere; our scientific, technological and industrial sectors have catapulted us to become the 6th strongest global economy, beating out most countries for the highest GDP; not to mention our recreational opportunities. It is often said, you could be skiing in Tahoe in the morning and enjoying a glass of Chardonnay on the Sonoma Coast that afternoon. Yes, California is a grand place to live, but its not without its problems.

California has been and continues to be an expensive place to live, raise a family, or start a business. Environmental factors such as climate change are beginning to transform our mild weather patterns, causing extended droughts, a longer and more intense fire season and hotter summers, driving some resident to seek more balanced conditions elsewhere.

But in spite of these issues, people from across the globe and around the country are still drawn here.. seeking what they perceive will be a better life. This stretches the capacity of our housing, energy and transportation infrastructure to a breaking point. Such that those commuting to and from work can expect to spend on average, an extra two hours a day sitting in epic traffic congestion. The constant pressure on roads and bridges is contributing to a serious maintenance backlog which our State government has attempted to address through taxes on gas, causing our fuel prices to be among the highest in the nation.

It is these and other topics we'll explore here, as we attempt to define the evolving sense of what it means to live the "California Dream".